Art News

I would like to welcome all of my students and parents to a new year in art at Bowling Green Elementary. We are starting our year off with some exciting news. This year, students will be participating in a project through a company called “Original Works.” This project allows students to draw a picture and have it printed on various products. Parents will be able to order their child’s original art work on many items, including tote bags, coffee mugs, computer mouse pads, and much more! We will first work on out art projects for about a month. You will be receiving order packets sometime in October, explaining all of the details. The packet will also contain a price list. The students are already excited and working hard to come up with an original masterpiece. Please keep your ears open for information regarding this project. I know you’ll want to purchase personal creations by your child so that you can cherish the lifelong memories.

Also, all Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade students are required to wear art shirts to protect their clothing in art. Please make sure they all have one by next week. You do not have to purchase anything new; any old shirt will do. I would like to remind you not to send in shirts that are extremely large on the student because they tend to snag onto other things and knock them over. Third thru Fifth Graders are not required to wear an art shirt; it is their choice. Students will be required to participate in art whether they have on art shirts or not. I strive to keep them as clean as possible.

We’re looking forward to an exciting year. Hope you are too.