Regional Winner for VSBA Contest

010Each year, Caroline County students participate in the VSBA (Virginia School Board Association) Art Contest. Students must compete at the local level first and then on the regional level. One student from the elementary level, one from the middle school, and one from the high school is selected to represent the county in the Region. We are elated that Levi was selected as I elementary representative and placed Third in the Region!! Congratulations Levi!!

Welcome Back to a New School Year

Welcome back to a brand new school year. I am looking forward to working with all of the talented students at Bowling Green Elementary School. This year, I will be teaching Pre-K and grades second, third, fourth and fifth in art. Ms. Kelly Kidd, who works at Caroline High School, will also be working with me part time at BGE. She will be teaching Kindergarten and First Grade Art. We are both proud to be working with your children. We would like to remind parents that wearing an art shirt is not mandatory in grades two thru five; however, we think it is absolutely necessary for Pre-K, Kindergarten and First Grade. Please make sure those grade levels have an old shirt or apron to protect their clothes in art. While it is acceptable for them to wear an adult shirt, please try not to make them too big because the sleeves sometimes causes the students to knock over paint, water and other objects on the table. It is up to the parents who have students in grades two thru five, if you would like to provide your child with an art shirt. All students will be responsible for wearing their shirts on art days, as well as for storing them. If you have any ideas or concerns that you would like to share with us, please feel free to call the school number at 804-596-2391. The art room extension is 3070.